In late 2007 I started playing a little game called World of Warcraft. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Proving the power of marketing, I saw a commercial on TV featuring the colorful box and it looked interesting enough to try.

This discovery was the natural progression of a curious gamer mind (I have loved PC games for a long time having played everything from the original Fallout to RTS games like Orcs vs. Humans) and long before that, MUD like games on my old commodore 64 when I was a kid, which should give you an indication of how old I am and how long I have been playing!

But I digress, I find fulfillment in being both a massive online gamer (mog) and blogging commentaries about them.

This blog is also an aggregate of notable industry points and other threads from mmo bloggers and youtubers. I started playing wow again from time to time, currently I have abandoned retail and the WOD expansion to play on the Rebirth vanilla server where I am having fun trying out various toons and races on the horde side and getting jiggy with it like it’s 2008-09 all over again.

I am also playing Turbine’s DDO, LOTRO and Dark Age of Camelot for variety, among others. However, I almost never play DAOC anymore because the server drops were too frequent on my laptop.

anyhow, Pull up a chair, boot up that rig, and enjoy!

Twitter: @mogcommentary

email: rgsreporter@gmail.com


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