I decided to revive my mogcommentary blog which has been inactive since February of this year because it seemed to have a lot of success, albeit with a different focus. Rather than just focus on gaming as I have done in the past, this blog will now shift to a more wide reaching topic: geek culture in all forms from movies to mmos, to novels to comics and everything in between.

In 2018, a mere five years after I first created this blog, there’s a bigger focus on geek topics, more than ever before with the huge success of comic book movies like the incredibly popular MCU and with more on the way. There’s also a interest in other genre franchises like Warcraft, D&D, DCEU and many more.

As a journalist transitioning into other forms of writing and one who has always had an interest in all things geek since my junior high days, even before they were pronounced cool by the entertainment industry, TV and the web, I like to ruminate and offer my perspective on various genres, series and interests to the geek demographic.

This blog will of course not entirely abandon discussing mmos, after all the mmorpgs or mogs as I call refer to them (massive online games) are still popular, albeit maybe not as dominant in the PC gaming community as they once were with the rise of MOBAs, console games and other genres, with the exception of wow, and I still play vanilla wow, Dark Age of Camelot and Lord of the Rings Online, to name a few.

So pull up a chair and come back often to read the ramblings of an old gamer, movie and genre geek. There is sure to be some entertaining discussion and analysis in the weeks ahead. I will also provide the sporadic update on the writing projects I am planning or am currently working on, should that interest any of you out there in the blogosphere.

Twitter: @mogcommentary

email: waldo81270@gmail.com


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