Back to my first mog love: Dark Age of Camelot

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January 18, 2018 by hordemaster

Berzerker in Dark Age of Camelot Gaheris co-op server

Zergmaster ready to smash mobs

I have gone back to my first mog love, it was inevitable that I would roll a toon in Dark Age of Camelot and take a break from classic vanilla wow, especially after taking advantage of the 14 day free day offer for new players.

I decided even though pvp is the highlight and forte of this venerable game, I would experience the co-op server Gaheris because it would be easier to communicate with folks and I was right, unlike retail wow where players hardly speak to you, DAoC’s servers are still full of friendly players who are happy to have you join their ranks and help you out with in game questions and concerns.

DAoC does have some good pve quests and environments in addition to their fantastic PvP and I was eager to get back into Midgard.

I had leveled up to 5 at this point but I took a wrong turn by entering the Demon’s  Breach dungeon, but I got stuck in there and the portals were not working. I did finally come up with a clever solution to my problem by sauntering up to the big boss and having him killed me. As I correctly theorized, I rezzed back in the starting area of Murlan.

Trial accounts cannot join guilds however so I will sub after my trial ends. Recently the devs announced a free version of the game which will be available later this year, probably around the fourth quarter of 2018. In the interim I will enjoy my interaction with those great players in the Gaheris community and level up my berzerker troll to max in between the occasional vanilla wow break. I really don’t mind paying for a sub if I can afford to and if it will help the devs to continue to keep the servers running, as I would hate to see DAoC shut down anytime soon.


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