mogs I won’t play in 20018 (and why)

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January 7, 2018 by hordemaster

vanilla world of warcraft NPC

A familiar sight in Classic wow

With the new year well underway and all the fun winter festival themed events complete, it is now time for mog gamers to look to the future and the new year as a new canvas and a new opportunity to indulge in their hobby. But I wonder, is there much to look forward to and more to the point of this blog post, are there any mogs that I will not be playing in the next 12 months? Are there any which will vanish from my desktop and which will be uninstalled (gasp!) from my hard drive?

I have not had a banner start to the new year. Evidently there was a nasty bug running around and I unfortunately caught it on my way back from my vacation in Los Angeles this past holiday, so it wasn’t until recently that I even gained the strength to write, to blog and to game again. Last night as a matter of fact I played and had a bit of fun grouping for the first time in weeks. I tend to be the most casual of mog players, able to dedicate but an hour a day, sometimes two at best to mog gaming, something my guildmates don’t seem to mind, which I am grateful for. In no particular order, what follows is a brief list of the mogs I have played and won’t play in 2018:

Dungeons and Dragons Online (Standing Stone)

This was one of my all time favorite mogs back in the day because I was a D&D pen and paper player so I was thrilled to be able to play a game based on D&D. It was also cool that it was set in Stormreach because at the time I had not played a campaign in that setting and it was all new to me. Let’s face it, Warforged look awesome and I even dedicated a blog for a brief time to the mog (until gmail bought out blogger and locked me out of my account).

However, I came back to DDO late last year and attempted to group and found the game to be less friendly than I remembered. Some players were still responsive but it is harder to group in that game because the grouping tool is segmented to players who want to run a level appropriate adventure and there were a few times when I ran around waiting to find a group and gave up and hired a hireling and went of to run instances on my own.

I got frustrated and booted up vanilla wow and instantly found peeps to talk to, my guild mates were there and I had fun questing. This was one large appeal for me of DDO, the social aspect, one which does not seem to be as strong in DDO nowadays.

World of Warcraft (retail/Blizzard)

This one is a bit a hazy area because there are reasons left for me to want to play retails, with the new expansion about to drop, which doesn’t look half bad. My undead warrior had leveled to almost 20 and I would not mind subbing again if I knew that I could sink some time into the game, but relegated to casual status due to work and other commitments, it hardly seems worth it. Also, I am having more fun in classic. Vanilla seems like the real wow I remember, you can’t exactly one shot mobs, it’s harder to gain some achievements, etc. etc.

Everquest 2 (Sony Online Entertainment)

The few times I logged on to EQ2 in 2016 or earlier, and especially since I played EQ, I had the nagging feeling that although the graphics were good, EQ is still the better game and there are so many things that are appealing about the first one including the progressing servers that its successor seems to pale in comparison. However, I did enjoy playing EQ2 for a bit and even joined a guild for a short time, so maybe I have not logged into that game for the last time in my mog playing days. For the time being, it is way below the totem pole, sort of speak.


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