Orcs v. humans in one week: Enter the warcraft movie

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June 4, 2016 by hordemaster


I was conflicted for the longest time. At first I saw this movie trailer and was really excited. Warcraft, orcs vs. humans. One of the earliest PC games I remember playing of the new generation of games was a Blizzard game. Warcraft 2.

As most of you know, before wow there was Warcraft and the central conflict has been highlighted in this film. Yet, after the way Activision/Blizzard shunned the wow fans regarding the whole legacy servers fiasco, I had a bitter taste in my mouth regarding the warcraft universe.

Actually, anything Warcraft related made me sad. I vowed not to spend another cent on any Blizzard games and I have not. I have been enjoying myself playing on a vanilla server. I was amazed how much more fun it was, people gathering in  and dueling in the world.

The other night I leveled my orc warrior hordemaster and teamed up with a PUG of trolls. They kindly upgraded my breast plate and we went off to run skull rock and Ragefire Chasm. It was fun, players interacting with each other to accomplish a mutual goal, dueling in open zones, no LFR, no LFG, no PUGing with people who don’t talk to you or acknowledge your presence, in other words the way it should be.

So having discovered this way of gaming again, I am now pumped again about the Warcraft franchise and universe. The Warcraft movie is a gift to the fans, an homage to a story that goes all the way back to the first game in the franchise released more than 20 years ago.

So yea, I am not in support of what Blizzard is doing now with wow, I think I have made this abundantly clear, but I am excited about watching a Warcraft movie on the big screen. I will be there watching the Warcraft movie next weekend. As a fan, I could not do anything else.




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