The Rebirth: vanilla wow still more fun than retail


May 22, 2016 by hordemaster

I plan to update this blog more than once a month from now on. I have been busy playing and enjoying vanilla. Had I known how easy it was going to be to join the Rebirth server, I would have done it earlier.

I suppose like earlier refugees of Nostalrius, I was longing to play again, but no way in hell was I going to go back to the broken mess that is retail wow, so I rolled a toon here and have nicely leveled him to almost 8. I know that isn’t high, but it’s a start, given I only have limited amounts of time to play during the week.

So the Rebirth has been around a while, years as a matter of fact. I figured I won’t get too attached to these servers or toons, because the threat is always there that Blizzard can go and shut them down if they get too popular, which would be a damned shame.

I happen to agree with Youtuber Soupa Soka in almost every point he made. I myself first considered rolling on Kronos 1 or 2, but the DDOsing pretty much axed that idea.

I think the server came back up, but by now I invested time and effort on the Rebirth, and I happen to like it. It is a fun server though not as good as Nostalrius was.

The thing is, as SS mentioned, the Rebirth happens to be- a good server, low population.

There are some weird aggro issues and the 5x accelerated quest xp, but I don’t mind the latter as my leveling is slow enough due to my gaming  schedule. So I was very down about Wow, I could not even muster the excitement to want to watch the upcoming Warcraft movie in a few weeks, but thanks to my discovery of vanilla and specifically The Rebirth, I have dusted off my old Brady Games Dungeon companion and am looking forward to more vanilla gaming. I am excited about trying out different classes, like a n00b.

Funny how life works out. I started playing around the time Obama first ran for office, and now almost at the end of his second term, I am determined to max level my main while trying out some alts. It is 2008 all over again!

I think there is a viable market for this servers and still cannot figure for the world of me why Blizzard is not making it available. One theory is they would have to admit that their old version is legions beyond their shitty new version. Haha, see what I did there? See you in game. Hordemaster out.


One thought on “The Rebirth: vanilla wow still more fun than retail

  1. LetterForge says:

    You know, I’ve played since ‘Nilla about one month before Burning Crusade. The game had a nice original feel to it and I think it’s changed dramatically from that original’ness. I may check out a vanilla server and see if the original is better. Of course, I have so many achievements, mounts, and friends I don’t want to leave behind 🙃

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