Nostalrius is dead, what’s next?

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April 24, 2016 by hordemaster

Ever since the Nostalrius vanilla wow server was shut down two weeks ago, I have been following this story with heightened interest and have been enjoying the various youtube fan made videos and reading gamers’ reactions to it all on social media and on the forums.

You see, I have a vested interest in where the community goes next and I am not talking about the wow community which IMO has always been pretty bad, no I am talking about those displaced players who had to move on and were left wondering what to do next or where to play after Nostalrius was taken down by Blizzard.

I think given the strong stance Blizzard took against possibly the most stable, and arguably the most popular, vanilla server resulted in players becoming more reluctant to try out other private servers for fear of Blizzard coming after them and thus wiping out any progress they make on these with their characters.

This didn’t stop people from being hyped about a number of BC servers already out there and one in particular one (PlayTBC) which was due to launch April 14, only a few days after Nostalrius shut down.

However, a test launch did not go smooth by all accounts. I think the best description I heard of what happened was that in the wake of Blizzard pulling the plug on Nostalrius, fans flocked to the play TBC server. “It was like a bomb went off” was one way one youtuber put it.

The devs, though anticipating a Nostalrious-like attack by Blizzard, did well by moving the server to Russia. The theory was Blizzard could easily go after Nostalrius because the server was in France and within the reach of U.S. copyright laws, but a Russian server could be harder to subject to said laws. I am not sure about the legal ramifications of the copyright, or even what country the playTBC servers are running out of, but I am more interested in the sociological aspects of the vanilla wow community reaction to the problem.

Now it seems the playTBC server has been delayed until May, with players, myself included, wondering where to go in the interim while waiting until the server fixes the bugs or whatever it is they are doing on the technical side to accommodate the player base, a great chunk presumably being former Nostalrius players angry at Blizzard for refusing to provide a private server.

Personally, I do not agree with youtubers Asmongold and Panzer from Tradechat who have said the negativity surrounding Legion’s launch (Legion is the upcoming expansion of wow in case anyone doesn’t know) and that it is good news that Legion is launching, respectively. Both games run gaming channels about wow and I get the former is treading diplomatically, while the latter is just a bona-fide wow fangirl.

Yet, the fact remains clear to me that there are many, many people who would pay to play in a legacy vanilla or BC server and Blizzard is being obstinate about not giving it to them.

For the record, and if you forgive the digression, for this reason I am done playing official Blizzard games including wow and Diablo.

I am still dabbling with LOTRO and other mogs, and will continue to comment on my progress in them, but I am really very interested in playing World of Warcraft again, just not in its current form, which IMO has sapped all the joy out of leveling and all the fun out of the sense of community the game originally had.

It is also interesting how game bloggers like Syp and mmorpg weekly  are not really being too vocal about the Nostalrius debacle. Maybe most don’t play on vanilla wow or private servers. The debate on Youtube and on social media has certainly been raging and ongoing, and it is most interesting.


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