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April 9, 2016 by hordemaster

LOTRO download page

As I sit here, the LOTRO installation is more than 80 percent complete and I will soon find out if I can play this classic free mmorpg once again. Last time I tried installing it, I was disappointed to find out there was an error with the Turbine launcher so I am hoping this won’t be the case again today.

LOTRO in game mechanics, with the exception of pvp, is similar to World of Warcraft and I am not sure I want to play wow retail ever again, given Blizzard’s staunch refusal to create a vanilla or a legacy server similar to Nostalrius Begins.

As I mentioned in my last post on this blog, NB is beeing shut down tomorrow, and I promise to give some feedback on this. Others have already weighted in on the situation, so I am not sure I can add anything new, except suffice it to say that I think even though copyright issues ensured NB would eventually be killed by Blizzard for copyright infringement, I think their claim that managing both a legacy or vanilla wow server in addition to the current game is bogus.

They certainly have the resources and manpower. I mean, Daybreak Games probably doesn’t have as many resources or cash they can throw behind projects but they have listened to the fans and given them Time Locked Progression servers for both EQ and EQ2, so don’t tell me Blizzard can’t do the same, they just don’t want to because I don’t think they have the player base in mind, cash is their ultimate goal.

There is an undeniable market for a wow vanilla server, the game as it stands now is not as fun (in my opinion and in the minds of some players who have been around since launch) in the current iteration of the game. I disliked the linear questing process of WOD, I had a powerful level 90 hunter but the questing was boring and uninspired.

Maybe I didn’t give Garrisons enough of a chance, but the point is, I enjoyed the sense of community, the challenge and the aesthetics of a wow vanilla server and I would be willing to pay for a sub. to an official one, as I am sure would many others, if Blizzard made one available to us.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing and I think long-time players appreciate the differences between retail wow and pre Burning Crusade wow. This is not to say that BC was a bad expansion. On the contrary, I think both BC and Wrath of the Lich King were pretty good expansions and added a lot to the game. Somehow after that period though, things started to go in different directions.

One example is the early questing in Ogrimmar and Durotar. Whereas in open world you had to be careful not to pull mobs and incur aggro of the scorpions, they present no challenge when you level these days in the same zone and those early levels.

A strong argument has been made in the past by players that LFR and LFG tools killed the community in part and also killed immersion. I am not sure that I would go that far, but I did notice how I could send a tell to the hugely populated servers (at least on the horde side) when I played on NB, and they would respond back. The only time that seems to happen in WOD or retail wow is when someone is recruiting for a guild, and even after that, there is very little interaction, very little in the way of the mmo part of the mmorpg equation.

LOTRO is not a great alternative to a vanilla wow legacy server and reading Syp’s blog has rekindled my interest in it. While it is a fun game in its own right, it is strictly PvE oriented, with rare exceptions, and has its own form of PvE, at least the last time I actively played it. But as a free fantasy-based MOG, I can do worse than LOTRO. If I can get it to run on my laptop, it will be my MOG of choice for the foreseeable future, unless I can’t resist the urge to complete questing with my Orc DK in wow one day.



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