20 levels of vanilla (or Nostalrius redux)

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April 6, 2016 by hordemaster

I had a strong desire to play wow again and to blog my gaming once more. Yet, while I was enjoying my Orc DK, I just don’t like retail wow, and I especially don’t enjoy the new expansion Warlords of Draenor. I find it to be so linear and questing wasn’t that much fun.

So last summer I discovered this Vanilla wow server which kind of was perfect because I could try out 20 levels of each horde toon I wanted to play, do some world pvp if I wanted to, as well as interacting with players. In retail these days, the LFR and LFG tools have destroyed whatever community the game inherently had, but back in the day, in vanilla we grouped and I think this server has put the mmo back in mmorpgs.

I am not sure why I abandoned the server last summer, maybe I got busy with RL, or maybe I started playing DAoC or DDO, or possibly trying out the Everquest progression servers.

However, with the exception of DDO which is mostly a f2p instanced game, all the other mmos are p2p, and being kind of broke at the moment, playing on a vanilla server was a no brainer.

This guy’s video shows some of the racials for both factions, though I only play on the horde side. Even that was a bit of a problem because I had so may lowbie alts I created during my time playing retail, I was getting bored with the leveling on the horde side. Only blood elves went mostly unexplored during my time playing retail, but vanilla only has the original four races: orcs, Taurens, undead and trolls.

Since I was mostly sick of Ogrimmar and Durotar, even though I like orcs, then the only logical  choice was left to roll an undead warrior. Playing vanilla wow is a lot of fun, especially if you can group up with random PUGs. I have done this and I am only level 4 thus far, but I intend to chronicle my adventures in Nostalrius here periodically.

Maybe I will be lucky enough to be invited into a guild by the time I hit level 20. I don’t have all the time in the world to play, so it will probably happen in about 5 or 6 hours game time at the rate I am going. Then I shall determine if it is still fun to go all the way to max, which in vanilla is 60. For the horde!!


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