Second Chances

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June 16, 2015 by hordemaster


star wars the old republic Bioware’s maligned mmorpg

I am starting a new feature in this blog which I tentatively have titled “Second Chances.” Back in the day I used to play a lot of mmos, as my desktop can attest where I have no fewer than 10 shortcut icons pointing to the various games I have tried over the years.

Of course,it doesn’t tell the entire story because there are many other games I tried, downloaded, hated or did not care for and promptly deleted from my hard drive. I am sure that I am not alone in this practice.

But I digress, the premise of this new feature is to try out once again games which I started playing and which I for whatever reason, just stopped playing. There are games I am not sure I gave a “fair shot” so I am going to try playing them again and see whether they have improved or whether my opinion of them was hasty or shortsighted.

For me, as I am sure is the case for many others, the truly engaging aspect of mmos, has to be the sense of community I feel playing the game. On many occasions I have gotten really busy with school or work and life responsibilities, but on many others, the game just isn’t engaging enough. I don’t feel the same sort of magic I felt when I first logged on to Dark Age of Camelot, or say vanilla wow.

I tend to prefer games where I feel the community is thriving or the players are at least willing to group with me and help me reach objectives, which is one reason why I love a game like Dungeons and Dragons online so much. There is a real sense of other players experiencing the world with you, unlike present day wow in which players run around in hubs and hardly say a word to you. Even on a progession server like Nostalrius Begins, there are often many players who are so into what they are doing that they don’t associate with you, especially if you are not max level. It feels like you are playing a single player game.

This is the main reason I stopped playing EQ2, retail wow, LOTRO and a few others.

SWTOR had other problems, though I enjoyed the individual story, I wasn’t crazy about the game’s PVE and the game got repetitive way too soon. Yet, I have heard many complaints about games like ESO and DDO, so fun is always depends on the situation and can be a very subjective factor.

Up first is SWTOR which I have not played in years, but as Syp points out, with a major expansion on the horizon, it may not be a bad time to jump back and re-try the game. So let’s pretend it is 2011 all over again shall we?




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