Nostalrius actually has me excited over mmos again


June 1, 2015 by hordemaster

After a long absence, I have decided to begin blogging about massive online games again, especially because I have been kicking around the idea of trying out a few private servers.

Private servers have become a hot topic and a source of debate among gamers, especially progression servers such as the popular vanilla wow servers and the recently opened Ragefire server for Everquest. Everquest has realized that nostalgia is a strong motivating factor, especially since few mmos today provide the quality gaming experience once offered by games like Asheron’s Call, wow, Dark Age of Camelot and even original Everqest.

I think that Youtuber Asmongold did a really good job discussing the topic a week ago or so, but now that I decided to roll a toon in Nostalrius I want to add my two cents and tell you guys why I am excited over the possibility of trying this wow vanilla server.

Even though I was never a hard core player in wow, I do miss the vanilla days and I do think that there are some reasons to play on these servers, especially since Blizzard has not given players the legacy servers they have been clamoring for for quite some time.

Of course, private servers are illegal in that they violate Blizzard’s TOA but I really think that they have reaped what they sew with lazy programming and looking at their player base as one large cash cow. There are reasons why wow lost 2.9 subs in the first quarter of this year. Is the game too easy? Is a lack of new content and consistent patches between expansions a factor? Are players simply getting tired of Blizzard’s cavalier attitude towards players?

Yes, but the reasons I relish the idea of playing in a progression sever include:

-More difficult leveling from 1-60. Back in 2007-8 when I was playing wow, leveling was actually a challenge and while some may like the fact that leveling is now a breeze, I actually think that the game was more fun with a more challenging path to max level

-The epic feel of large raids. 40 man raids may have been hard to manage, but it really added to the immersion to play in a large group to accomplish a communal goal.

-A sense of stronger community: After Blizzard rolled out the LFG and LFR functions, the game world lost the need for teaming up or even whispering other players. The retail game feels like a lonely place for me and that does not bode well for an mmo.

-world wide PVP. I like pvp, I am not just a pve player, but without a sense of threat throughout Azeroth, and without the sense of risk in many zones, the game is less fun and less fun equals unhappy players.

I could list many other reasons, but you get the gist. Other bloggers and gamers have been having tons of fun in Ragefire and other legacy-themed servers, so I do believe that Blizzard should take another look at their stance regarding vanilla wow content which so many players seem to be excited about.

Maybe you don’t need a DeLorian equipped with a flux Capacitator to go back in time. At least in the mmo landscape, all you need is a private server and a strong sense of nostalgia.

What do the rest of you feel about progression servers for mmos??


2 thoughts on “Nostalrius actually has me excited over mmos again

  1. Grateful Geek says:

    I haven’t played since Dec. Too broke. Hopefully I’ll get to play again soon.

  2. hordemaster says:

    in Nostalrious or Ragefire?

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