Forgotten caverns prove DDO still good casual mmo fun

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November 27, 2013 by hordemaster

Forgotten caverns

Our party deep in the forgotten caverns

DDO is a good mmorpg and I have missed playing it. Tonight because I had a night off, I decided to venture into House K and quest into the deep caverns and other dungeons with a random party. I would say DDO will always be my second and go to casual mmorpg. Most of my friends are off playing Final Fantasy XIV, but until I have more time off from school to play, this game fits the bill quite nicely.

We tackled Chamber of Insanity, Ruined Halls and Lair of summoning as well. If you have a full party, these quests even on elite aren’t particularly long or difficult. Yet, the most experienced in our group suggested that our trapper (rogue class) should be max geared, as there are some really nasty traps in some of these dungeons.

I spent a good two hours playing and I have to say that Turbine needs to do a better job of marketing this game as a good alternative to hard core mmorpgs or pvp games out in the market now.


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