Old MOGs Need to Make the Level Grind Optional

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October 18, 2013 by hordemaster

Everques 2 character

Everquest 2 character, not iconic, courtesy of massively.com

Hey guys, sorry there haven’t been many updates to this blog but I guess grad school and life have got in the way of my gaming and my commenting on mogs. But have no fear, I will be playing more once midterms are done.

For now I wanted to comment on EQ2’s recent “Hero Call” offer which ended yesterday but which essentially allowed existing players secure a free level 85 character or character upgrade.

What it meant is that for a fee, players could skip the level grind and purchase a level 85 character to play with their high level friends. “Former players don’t want to play catch-up to Level 95, existing players don’t want to start over at Level 1 with their friends, and some players just want to get into high-end guilds and raids because that’s what they love to do,” said senior producer Holly Longdale in an article from PC Gamer.

This reminds me of a recent controversy I blogged about regarding the iconic characters in DDO. In that game if you remember, the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion gave players a chance to start out with present characters of specific classes and of higher level.

Personally, I feel that more mogs should follow this trend. Wow for awhile attempted to recruit more players and to bring back players who left the game by offering a “resurrection scroll.” Essentially it allowed a player from a specific server and faction to invite a friend to play the game and the incentive was a geared up max level toon. That’s how my mage went from level 30 to 85 in one fell swoop.

This feature makes sense in a lot of games and especially in a game like EQ2 because players don’t have to go through the same content every time they roll a new character, although they are welcome to do so if they so desire. It’s a win-win, and I believe that more games should make this a permanent feature rather than a quick promotion to gain back players or to recruit new ones.


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