Running through Camelot in Albion

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August 4, 2013 by hordemaster

Yes, I am a bit of a traitor. I have a 14-day trial for Dark Age of Camelot and I thought I would once again try to carve out some time to properly play the game. I thought for kicks, I would leave my old toons in Midgard behind and join a different realm. In my heart I will always be mid, because I love that realm best, but I guess I could consider this research to kinda see how the enemy operates…hehe….or at least that’s how I justify it.

I wanted to max level a character, but it is kind of hard with my gaming schedule, I guess I will see how it goes the rest of this summer. Today’s commentary deals with gaming habits. See, I was thinking about this last night while gaming and realized that we are all creatures of habits and that I have come to terms that for me, gaming will always take place at night. I remember my mom once told me that she could not sleep during the day, no matter how tired she was. I am the same way about gaming, I only game at night. I am nocturnal, I am sure I am not alone in this respect. I like to log on late sometimes, after a full day and just play. Unfortunately this is a bit of a catch 22 sometimes when it comes to playing an old mmorpg like DAoC because especially if i do pvp in b.g.s. the population is not always as high unless you are on at peak times or on the weekend.


I ran around for a long time in Albion looking for my trainer! Ah there he is in this little hut!

I don’t know, I guess I always felt that if I gamed during the day, that’s all I would do and I like to feel productive doing non-entertainment related activities during the day, weekends sometimes excepted.

I plan to use my 14 days of trial experimenting with the different races and classes on Albion. Thus far, I am really digging this reaver. A shout out to the folks on the Gaheris co-op server. It might be strange to play on a server that’s not pvp, as I feel the b.g.s are awesome and fun, but I guess the community there seems pretty solid and I was interested in seeing how the pve works in Albion. So I will roll my pvp toon next, after I am done experimenting in the different realms.

What are your own playing habits? Are there peak times you game or are there other gaming habits you strictly adhere to like my no gaming during the day rule??


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