MOG Roundup 3/6/2013

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March 6, 2013 by hordemaster

rift game

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RIFT is celebrating its second anniversary by bringing back the Carnival of the Ascended. Players can try their luck at two new carnival games, hunt down dragon piñatas to collect exotic glass beads, and explore the wonders of the daily dragon parades. Players can also take part in special carnival zone events ranging from pie stomping and throwing, to balloon gathering, and drinking games where they can collect festive hats, mounts, and unique pets. They can also attain Planar Attunement Tier 3 or PvP Planar Attunement Tier 2, and prepare for battle in the new Steppes of Infinity zone event.

From March 21 to April 4, Rift subscribers will receive the following bonuses:

20% increases in:

  • Guild XP
  • Normal Kill XP or Planar Attunement (depending on character level)
  • Prestige
  • Favor
  • Planarite
  • Dungeon currency
  • Zone Event currency

Plus the game has a special Play for Free event running from March 21 to March 25.


Erik Boyer, also known as ‘Producer Glin’ , a senior producer on DDO celebrated the game’s 7th anniversary along with the other game devs and made several recent announcements of interest to players.
“This is going to be another amazing year for DDO and I am excited to get to share with you some big news on our plans. Just last week, we launched Update 17 where we got the chance to go back to Gianthold and give it a refresh. We managed to put some giants into Gianthold, not to mention more dragons and that infamous Dracolitch we’ve been talking about since year one,” said Boyer in the DDO forums this week.

“we’ll be overhauling our bug reporting tool with updated functionality to help us capture even more of your problem details and feedback, and process them more efficiently. With that news, I know now, you are thinking, ‘that sounds really good… but I was sort of thinking of the rumors of an updated character enhancements system.’  And I also have great news to share on that!

“Work on the new enhancement system is well underway and it will be heading to its first public beta this spring…. We’ll be doing multiple trips to Lamannia and lots of player events to give us all an opportunity to try it on various characters and gather lots of feedback,” Boyer told the community.

“As I have always said, one of the strengths of DDO is great adventures to undertake and that is why I am most pleased to announce DDO’s second expansion titled ‘Shadowfell Conspiracy’ coming this summer! We are turning our attention back to the Forgotten Realms and we are taking you to some new regions in Cormyr. We will be taking brave heroes, level 15 and up, to a foreboding prison city to the south east of Eveningstar called Wheloon, and high up into the Stormhorn Mountains, north of the high road.

Shadowfell Conspiracy will have more than just new quests and regions, we will also be raising the level cap to 28 and providing something often requested by fans: faster access to the Forgotten Realms! With a new prestige character feature we are calling Iconic Heroes; we think we have an innovative solution that will get you right into the Forgotten Realms starting at level 15. Each of these Forgotten Realms born characters will start as a race class combination with new racial abilities.”

World of Warcraft

Tier 15 Armor Set Previews are now available from Blizzard. Take a look!

Everquest 2 (source:


  • You can now put a true/false parameter on the /hide_illusions command to force hide or force show instead of toggeling the hide illusions option. If you don’t use a parameter it will just toggle as before.
  • The /hide command will once again default to /hide_illusions instead of /hide_guild_achievements.

Wurmbone’s End: Nox Incessit

  • Prime Temple-Blocker Grudk now gives more time to kill his spider adds. Adds have less health.
  • Wasp and bug encounters have been lowered in number to help reduce lag issues.


  • The experience required to increase the level of a Spiritstone has been lowered in many cases.
  • Potency has been added back to Trinket of the Grim Virtuoso, Nexus of Acid, and Gravedigger’s Mark.
  • Prime Fortified Soul Trap will once again cap out at 60 Stamina at level 50.
  • Rune: Greater Cyclical Battering II now has 11 multi-attack.

Dark Age of Camelot’s Way Back Wednesday returns to Camelot, this time the devs joined Rob Lashley in the Molvik battleground. (Jelly!) Check out the stream recap here.


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