Mark Jacobs’ New RvR MOG

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February 6, 2013 by hordemaster

First off, let me say I love playing DAoC, I love RvR and I really would have enjoyed playing WAR a lot more in 2008, if I had a computer good enough to run the game back then, I think a vid card update may get me to play it again, even though Mythic is not supporting the game and the population on servers is probably diminishing.

Mark Jacobs’ announcement of his new upcoming RvR game for City Entertainment will garner a lot of press, and as the original designer in DAoC, a lot of people will wonder why a three faction game such as DAoC was not made before now, given the success of that old school type MOG. Personally, I have mixed feelings about this announcement. Though I would enjoy playing a MOG focused on RvR, I can’t help but wonder what this will mean for Mythic’s game, given the fact Jacobs has stated it will be a p2p game, but may not be priced at the $15 per month price currently players pay for DAoC.

This has a lot of forseeable scenarios: a few which are not good for the venerable DAoC, which I consider to be (to this day) the best MOG out there from a pvp perspective at any rate. Maybe if the new game is successful, it will force EA Mythic to drop the subscription for DAoC, or at least to lower the entry barrier. I am not so sure that would be best. Though I would love to play a f2p game, I don’t want DAoC to go f2p if it means that the developers will continue to drop resources on developing or maintaining the game, DAoC is such a beautiful game, even if it is aged and its graphics don’t compare to a game like GW2, it still has an aesthetic and a feel to it that I really like, I would hate for it to be shelved or for more server mergers to occur.

Personally, I think that the vets will still find themselves in Camelot, may try out this game and play both? I guess only time will tell.

It is also interesting to me that Jacobs decided to go the crowdsourcing way to fund the game, rather than to have it backed by a gaming studio, is this the way of the future, as more and more developers try to retain control of their game visions? Already we have a game, Pathfinder Online kickstarted into their next phase of development. I could say one thing I dislike about kickstarter campaigns for games is that there is no guarantee that a game will see the light of day, or will release in time, but this can also be said of MOGs that are financed through more conventional means.

In the end, Jacobs promises a game that is solely pvp centric in focus, and this is a shame because the themepark aspects of DAoC were not at all bad in my opinion, though the TOA expansion was not my favorite aspect of the game. PvE in DAoC may not be as polished as in a newer game like World of Warcraft, but it can still be fun. I think that there has been a resurgence in DAoC of late, especially in the thanks to sites like’s Wayback Wednesdays featuring the game.

I am glad that I decided to continue playing DAoC, though I may give the new game a try in the future once it’s finally released. If you would like to try playing an old school mog like DAoC, check out the video by MasterWandoo, it’s a very nice tutorial series introducing the game. For Midgard!!!


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