MOG Lore helps players love their games

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January 29, 2013 by hordemaster


Today I wanted to talk briefly about lore in mogs. Recently I have been playing some Warcraft 3, which I know is an RTS game, but which as the precursor to Blizzard Entertainment’s immensely popular World of Warcraft mmorpg, is unique in being a game which helped Blizzard establish the lore for their later game’s popularity.

I think story is essential in a good immersive gaming experience and this is something which helped Blizzard catapult wow into a gaming mmorpg like no other. Unlike most people who played RTS games, I was never too fond of them, with the exception of the original Fallout, but I did come to enjoy wow’s textures, backstory and lore and am now coming to fully appreciate how important WC RTS games were in establishing a backstory and a rich legacy for world of warcraft.

In WC3 and its expansions, you get to play as four races: Humans, undead, orcs and elves. Of course, the story and races were expanded for the mmorpg, but the RTS was instrumental in setting these up. When I think of other games out there that have success: Rift, Dungeons and Dragons, Guild Wars, even Star Wars, there are few I like to sit through and play for hours, simply because I find the story or the lore lacking, or not as detailed as wow’s.  Warhammer Online had a good franchise to rely on, but even though its lore was a good fantasy setting, it didn’t bring additional innovations, with the exception of world events to the table, thus it failed to engage enough consistent players to sustain itself.

It could be why SWTOR has been such a disappointment to some, having such a great i.p. and backstory to support it, but being so narrow in its game mechanics and other qualities. So a mog has to have it all, engaging game play, mechanics, and a fleshed out in depth game world and story to back it up. Wow has the Warcraft RTS gaming universe to thank for this, even though I think the developers have done an amazing job of expanding on this game lore.


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